Supercomputing in Luxembourg

High performance computing (HPC) is a crucial component of the data economy, which requires the capacity to process and analyse huge amounts of data. Home to the unique, business-oriented supercomputer MeluXina, Luxembourg has the clear objective of making supercomputing accessible to all. 

Today, many companies have huge amounts of data, but only a few are using it to its full potential. The Luxembourg government aims to provide an environment that helps them succeed with all the necessary steps, from digitalising their processes to generating value from their data, and paves the way for entrepreneurs with innovative business models based on data use.

Business-oriented supercomputer resources

Most publicly accessible supercomputers are in academic or research centres, which focus on teaching or public research. Luxembourg’s high-performance computer MeluXina stands out on the global level for its business orientation. Its modular design was specifically drawn up to meet business needs, and 65% of its capacity is available for use by private companies. LuxProvide, the company managing MeluXina, is making companies “first-class citizens” for the usage of the high-performance computer (HPC). The team has a business-to-business interaction and tailors its approach to the maturity of its customers by providing the appropriate support level. MeluXina is also available to researchers and public administration.

The University of Luxembourg has a supercomputer used to enable research and innovation based on intensive computing and large-scale data analysis. It is used in particular the fields computer science, materials physics, biomedicine and life sciences, cryptology and artificial intelligence, as well as digital history and socio-economic simulations.